陳 珍 海 公 司
Interpreter / Translator / Consultant

/ Language Coach
翻 譯 , 傳 譯 , 咨 詢, 語 言課

When doing business with a foreign culture it is both good
etiquette and good business to communicate properly.
Good communications can mean the difference between
winning or losing an important contract. It can also be very
important that you understand what your overseas partner
requires or what you require of them.

There are many different protocols to consider when
communicating in a foreign language. For example it would be
very poor form in many languages to use a laymen interpreter
for a technical or business meeting. There can be very many
terms and expressions that should not be used in certain
circumstances. An interpreter needs to be very familiar with the
protocol of the country and its people. Even in Australia there are
protocols, you only have to consider our politically correct
environment with that of other countries.

Technical and Business Interpretations
Technical and business terms are very specialised in other
languages as in some cases are English terms.

Tran Hai
Tran Hai offers professional interpreting services for these
* Mandarin * Cantonese * Vietnamese * English
* Hokkien * Taiwanese * Teochiew *

Understand and be understood - it can make a big difference.

Trade - Import/Export
Legal - Lawyers, Courts, Tribunals, Legal Aid, Law Enforcement
Medical - G+P, Specialist, Mental Health, Hospitals
Insurance - Work Cover, TAC, Finance, Property
Education - Counselling, Research

Social Security - Centre Link, Community Services